There is a vast difference between an unhealthy person and a healthy person. Being healthy means you will have more energy to do things in your daily lives and you will have more focus. Also, you have a chance to live a longer and happier life.

Be a positive thinker and always give gratitude

It is proven that having a positive attitude will make your immune system stronger which is very important to your overall health. There is a saying that you are what you think you are, so always think positively about yourself.

Learn to love vegetables

As a kid we tend to hate vegetables and tend not to eat it when it is on the table, but, as we get older we need to learn how to love vegetables. Eating a lot of vegetables will help decrease the risk of having a different kind of cancer such as breast, cervical, colon, lung and many more. Study shows that bolder colored vegetables are the healthiest.

Set a meal plan

Eating healthy is not just what you need to be healthy, you also need to balance your food intake and your activity rate so that you will stay fit and avoid being underweight or overweight.

Exercise at least four to five times a week

Exercising is the second most important thing next to eating healthy. Exercising helps you fight aging and it also improves a lot of things such as your eyesight your blood pressure and more. It also helps you develop your muscles, lowering your fat and improving bone density.


There is nothing better than having a good night sleep after a long and exhausting day in the office or after exercising. If you are a person who has a very active mind and has trouble sleeping having a light snack will help, a healthy snack that is.

Eat like a child

There is nothing wrong about eating much, as long as you eat healthy foods and exercise to burn all the foods that you eat. Eating more and burning it more is very good for your body.

Do not use supplements

Instead of supplements eat healthy foods instead, supplements are shortcuts whenever you want to lose or gain weight, but, it is not good for our body. Do not use supplements if your doctor does not prescribe one for you, it is very harmful to both the liver and the kidneys.

Be satisfied and patient

Being healthy and fit is a life-long process, do not get frustrated if don’t see anything change in your body. You may not feel it but believe me when I say you can only feel it when you go back to your old unhealthy habits. Also if you exercise do not overexert yourself, do it for pleasure and not for pain, do it as you want it and not because you need it. Being fit and healthy is not a race so there is no need for you to be stressed out when you see your colleges looking great.